юли 20, 2016

Test batteries

Even the best batteries require testing and maintenance, independently of whether they are sealed VRLA batteries.

Lead-acid batteries account for over 90% of all systems for backup power on an industrial scale. If the system is loaded and maintain your battery is not configured properly or is damaged, it can lead to premature and accelerated aging of batteries.

Regular maintenance and testing of batteries is essential to ensure that your systems are protected and are sastonie to deliver power when you need it most.

Valbis Trade Ltd. has the most advanced equipment for testing batteries.

We support the following devices for test and control batteries:

TORKEL 860 – professional device company Programma Electric AB to perform capacitive discharge test of all types of batteries with an operating voltage of 12 ÷ 480VDC and capacity to 3000Ah.
HIOKI 3554 – meter internal resistance of the battery in real time.
FLUKE 289 – measuring True RMS multimeter capable of storing the measured values.
FLUKE 117 – measuring True RMS multimeter.
AlphaBatPro – device for performing capacitive discharge test of valve regulated lead-acid batteries with operating voltage 6 / 12VDC and discharge currents up to 30A.
ELV 5000 – a device for performing capacitive discharge test and charge alkaline batteries with an operating voltage from 0 ÷ 30VDC and discharge / charge currents up to 5A.

If you need help on the spot advice on the reliability of your batteries to help you with proper testing of batteries for your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.