февруари 27, 2013

Production of battery packs

batteryThere is a huge variety of types, models and applications of batteries, and each battery has its own configuration and specifications that requires prior discussion with the client about its characteristics and therefore its proper production. For us it is important to find out basic information such as packet size, voltage, capacity, and its implementation. For example configurations for power screwdrivers, cash registers, landlines, RS models, memories, surveying instruments and medical devices are just a small part of this huge variety. We adhere to the quality and state of the art, and in order to achieve this, we control every production process and improve it continuously.

Cells offer are basic types A, AA, AAA, C, SC, D, and F Ni-Cd and Ni-MH technology . Each species has its subtypes depending on the height and spring terminals for loading or industrial installations, depending on availability. Each cell is tested in accordance with the tensions that test showed his condition. In case of discrepancy, according to the values, the cells are sorted according to this criterion. So in every package they have approximately the same internal resistance and this affects battery life. One of the biggest mistakes made is the exchange of only part of the packaging and the combination of old and new cells. The effect is minimal, but later exchanged the life of cells and shortens the customer ends up ordering a new battery, paying almost double the price.

batteryAnother important factor in the production of batteries is called spot welding . This technology is therefore very important elements because this way they do not get overheated and their structure and chemical characteristics are not violated. This way of connecting elements is the safest and ensure good quality.

Some models are equipped battery cables and terminals have connecting installed. Others are placed in boxes. Others are insulated with thermal foil. Some medical and surveying devices require sealed battery.
The test of each battery is the final factor in production where it is established quality and capacity of the battery is shown. It is done with specialized testers who work in cycles of charging and discharging. By this method, the capacity of the battery is tested in real conditions.

In many cases, the battery life is shortened due to misuse or inappropriate charger. Often the problem is not the battery and charger. That’s why we recommend a preliminary test capacity.
Our six-month warranty gives the customer the opportunity to see for yourself the quality we offer high professional standards and performance quality.