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Many years our main activity was the sale and distribution of portable, stationary, motive and industrial batteries and also battery chargers. Our suppliers such as CSB, Enersys, Panasonic, Gustav Klein, Emerson and others are well known in the energetic and emergency power supply.


sellWe are dedicated to the principle of providing the customer with high-quality products at the best possible prices. Customer satisfaction is our primary care, which pushes us to the goal of delivering only reliable goods of top quality, which is achieved though constantly monitoring the input with the necessary high-tech equipment. We also find it extremely important do advise our customers about the best way to handle and use our products. This includes not only the standard recommendations by the manufacturer, but also our knowledge, accumulated during the last two decades.


settings-iconValbis Trade Ltd. has been investing in highly skilled employees in order to ensure professional installation of different categories of batteries. No matter the scale of the project we are ready to install an industrial power plant battery with the same confidence as replacing the one in your home security system or car key.


services-iconOnce installed the batteries would need the proper care and inspection at some intervals. We are capable of testing all types of batteries according to international standards: IEEE 450, IEEE 1188 and IEE1106. Our highly-skilled specialists make good use of the best equipment for battery testing, including Торкел 860, HIOKI 3554; FLUKE 289; FLUKE 117; AlphaBatPro; ELV5000. Valbis Trade Ltd. is the best choice for maintenance both during the warranty period and after that.


recycleValbis Trade Ltd. is one of the first trading companies actively engaged in the process of collecting and recycling of used batteries of all types and we consider this our responsibility. As a member of organization with the main goal to effectively and ecologically dispose of used batteries we consult our customers about their options and do not spare effort or resources to support them. .



in-person-iconOur specialists have enormous experience in engineering of power supply solutions. We can consult You about all problems including the right choice of batteries and chargers, testing equipment, project management etc.


Factory Yellow 2We produce professionally Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion accumulator battery packs for all known portable and stationary devices. Our specialists pay special attention at every single detail and advise our clients about all possibilities to restore or even improve the capacity of the original battery.