март 4, 2014


„Valbis Trade“ LTD strive to offer quality products at the best possible prices. For us it is crucial that our customers remain satisfied with the products we offer. That is why we maintain a wide range of products with uncompromising quality and proven because for us the customer comes first, we strive to offer the best on the market at attractive prices. Our team takes care of our customers to receive accurate advice and support for the product they receive.

Choosing the right battery for that specific application the customer is critical to ensuring system performance.

Our engineers will discuss and consider your specific technical requirements of any system load, time of booking cycles of discharge and charge minimum voltage, ambient temperature and space, accessibility, safety requirements, life in EUROBAT and others to determine the most appropriate and accurate battery.

– Telecommunications (Wireless communications / optical and wired connectivity / Stations / Sites / cell);
– Uninterruptible power supply (UPS);
– Emergency backup power (Lighting / Security Systems);
– Accumulation and storage of energy (PV / Wind / Alternative green energy sources);
– Backup power for switchgear, control equipment and general purpose (Energy / Power proceedings / transfer of energy / Transportation / Industry);
– Medical equipment
– Valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries, (AGM / GEL / Pure lead – pure lead)
– Lead-acid batteries with free electrolyte (Lead-calcium / Lead-antimony / Lead-selenium)
– Lead-acid batteries with different types of plates (Plante / Tubular / Flate plate);
– Basic chemical batteries according sasktav the plates (Ni-Ca / Ni-MH / Li-ION, etc.);