февруари 27, 2013

CSB Rechargeable Batteries

CSB batteries

The Company CSB Battery Technologies Inc is established in 1986 in Taiwan, and in the beginning it produced only sealed lead-acid batteries for maintenance of UPS power supply. Later the product range of CSB developed further, and at present the Company is leading manufacturer with sales of over 4 million batteries monthly. The products of CSB are available in over 52 countries around the world and are used in different areas, as: in systems for continuous power supply, UPS, telecommunications, emergency lighting, security systems, medical equipment, as well as for household needs, like supply of electric vehicles, children toys and other modern technologies. CSB are one of the leading world manufacturers and exporters of sealed lead-acid batteries. All CSB batteries are certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001. CSB rechargeable batteries are one of the most trustworthy and reliable batteries, which are offered in our country. Although there are cheaper rechargeable batteries, offered on the market, CSB rechargeable batteries are very reliable. The quality of CSB batteries is extremely important for the people using rechargeable batteries in daily life and work. So, for example, CSB rechargeable batteries are very valuable in medicine, due to their long life and high capacity.

Among the main characteristics of the CSB batteries are:

  •       Shock and vibration resistant
  •       Fast recharging
  •       Providing hundreds of charge-discharge cycles
  •       Wide range of application
  •       Low maintenance during work
  •       Long life
  •       High characteristics of discharging
  •       Possibility of deep discharge

CSB have huge range of rechargeable batteries for all kinds of products and devices, which need batteries. The wide choice of CSB products helps people to use the right battery they need. This makes the CSB batteries irreplaceable in all areas of our life.

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