февруари 27, 2013

EVH Series


The batteries by CSB, EVH series are made especially for work with deep discharges. Their life long–5 years, or 400 cycles at 100% discharge. Like all CSB batteries, the EVH series are highly effective, with long life, rechargeable, without leaking of electrolyte, light, small, with small self-charge, highly reliable are and do not need maintenance. All batteries from the EVH series are with guaranteed quality, confirmed by international certificates for quality and sustainability – ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Main application areas of EVH series by CSB:

  • Specially produced for supply of power wheelchairs for disabled and golf carts, cleaning machines etc.
  • Reserve supply of industrial equipment
  • Uninterrupted supply devices (UPS)
  • Alarm systems and systems for fire alarm
  • Portable equipment
  • Power equipment – mowers, vacuum cleaners
  • Other equipment

Technical information:

ModelNominal voltage (V)Nominal capacity (20Hr)(Ah)Weight (kg)Overall Height (H)Height (h)Length (L)Width (W)