март 1, 2013

Portable Lead (Pb) batteries

There are sealed lead batteries, maintenance-free type that are reusable in a wide variety of applications. Lead Cyclon battery cells are used to power devices requiring DC power . Cyclon battery cells provide stable voltage , which ensures the smooth operation of the consumer.

Cyclon batteries should not be recharged and must not be left discharged because of sulphate and the damage is irreversible. They have high internal resistance and require constant recharging .

Cyclon Lead-acid batteries are specially designed to work with large temperature differences have a long life and can work in any position. Single cell operates from -65 to +80 . If cells are present in a mono- block 2 or 3 , run from – 40 to + 40

” Valbis Trade” Ltd delivers – 2V, 4V, 6V with different capacities – 2.5Ah and 5 Ah.

2V battery cells are used to power :

  • telecommunications
  • emergency lighting
  • medical equipment
  • Protection systems
  • solar applications
  • other electronics

Cyclon Monoblock

Model number






Type clamp

Monobloc D662.5113/46/69,9 mm69,9 mm0,52 gFast-on 187
Monobloc X65139/53/76,7 mm76,7 mm0,98 gFast-on 250
Monobloc E68139/54/101,6 mm101,6 mm1,43 gFast-on 250
Monobloc D442.579/46/69,9 mm69,9 mm0,36 gFast-on 187
Monobloc X4596/53/76,7 mm76,7 mm0,74 gFast-on 187
Monobloc E4896/54/101,6 mm101,6 mm0,96 gFast-on 250
Monobloc D6 1×6122,5224/46/70,4 mm70,4 mm1,04 gFast-on 250
Monobloc D6 2×32.5113/89/70,4 mm70,4 mm1,04 gFast-on 250
Monobloc X6 2×35139/106/77,2 mm77,2 mm1,96 gFast-on 250
Monobloc X6 1×65276/53/77,2 mm77,2 mm1,96 gFast-on 250
Monobloc E6 2×38139/106/102,1 mm102,1 mm2,86 gFast-on 250
Monobloc E6 1×68276/54/102,1 mm102,1 mm2,86 gFast-on 250


Cyclon single cell

Model numberVoltageAhDimensions
WeightType clamp
Cyclon Cell J212Ø51/0/123,2 mm135,6 mm0,84 gFast-on 312
Cyclon Cell D2.5Ø34/0/61,2 mm68,1 mm0,18 gFast-on 187
Cyclon Cell BC25Ø65/0/158,8 mm173,2 mm1,67 gM6 (-) M8 (+)
Cyclon Cell DT4.5Ø34/0/96 mm102,9 mm0,27 gFast-on 187
Cyclon Cell X5Ø44/0/72,9 mm81,5 mm0,36 gFast-on 250
Cyclon Cell E8Ø44/0/100,1 mm108,7 mm0,49 gFast-on 250