NiMh batteries SAFT are designed specifically for applications that require high energy density, fast loading and high levels of discharge ( 50 A) and specifically targeting cordless power tools, electric bicycles and personal electric vehicles, radio and professional electrical equipment. NiMh batteries SAFT are designed so they can be used very long time (1000 – 2000 cycles) at high temperature differences .

Main applications of NiMh batteries SAFT

Electric vehicles ( electric bikes, scooters , golf carts , electric wheelchairs, support systems for people with disabilities)
-Professional Appliances ( construction tools , agricultural tools , vacuum cleaners , etc.).
-Medical equipment ( respirators heart defibrilators , medical carts , electric wheelchairs , etc.).
-Household appliances ( shavers , electric toothbrushes , etc.).
emergency lighting
-UPS and backup power supply
Professional lighting ( lamps, spotlights , etc.).
radio communications
-Professional electronic devices ( mobile terminals , video , etc.).
photovoltaic applications


Model number



Maximum continuous


Dimensions (in mm)

 VHT AA1.21.153,3 AAAø13,9×48,9
 VH AA 15001.54,2AAø13,9×48,9
 VH AA 17001.75,1 AAAø13,9×49,9
 VHT F1130 AFø32,15×88,8
 VH F XP15.3050 AFø32,15×88,8
 VHT Cs2.215 ASCø22,0×42,7
 VH Cs 3200 XL3.240 ASCø22,0×42,7
 VHT 7/5 Cs4.215 A7/5SCø22,0×60,0
 VH D 9500 XP9.570 ADø32,15×58,2