февруари 27, 2013

Alkaline Batteries

All alkaline batteries are disposable batteries, which have up to 10 times bigger capacity and durability compared to the carbon-zinc batteries offered on the market. The alkaline batteries can be found almost everywhere, because they are the most popular batteries.

Each alkaline battery is characterized with high energy charge. The advantage of all brands of alkaline batteries is that they are much lighter compared to the other types of batteries; they are relatively safe and have long shelf life – five to seven years. The elementary batteries are cheap and very easy to use. The capacity of all alkaline batteries decreases with almost 2% yearly (if they are stored at temperature 20-22 degrees), due to the natural self-discharge. In this way, the internal resistance of the alkaline batteries becomes higher and the load they can take is relatively limited. The batteries of this type are called alkaline batteries, due to the alkaline electrolyte they contain. With the passing of time, the most alkaline batteries can leak potassium hydroxide, which can cause skin problems, eye irritation and other. This leaking can easily be avoided, if in the same device there are not used different kinds of alkaline batteries and if the user does not try to recharge batteries, which are not rechargeable.

All alkaline batteries on the market are in standard cylindrical shape or in the button shape. Their voltage is 1,5 V or 9V. The alkaline batteries are suitable for use in a large variety of devices, such as watches, remote controls, cameras, blood pressure meters, portable devices, torches, toys and many others.

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