март 5, 2015

Panasonic Long-Life and Cycle Long-Life

The Panasonic LC cyclic series is a main power source for electrical devices which require reliable power frequently. Based on our proven technology for stand-by and occasional back-up, this series uses different plate design and other tweaks to achieve long cycle life.


Nominal Voltage (V)

Rated Capacity (20Hr) (Ah)




(W) mm

Height (H) mm



 LC-CA1212P12 V12 Ah151981003.8 PDF
 LC-CA1215P12 V15 Ah151981004.2 PDF
 LC-CA1216P12 V16 Ah151981054.7 PDF
 LC-XC1222P12 V22 Ah181761676.55 PDF
 LC-XC1228P12 V28 Ah16512518010.5 PDF
 LC-XC1238P12 V38 Ah19716518015.0 PDF
 LC-T1270P12 V70 Ah35016617524.5 PDF
 LC-T12105P12 V105 Ah40717323634.0 PDF
• Positive and negative electrodes made of a lead-tin-calcium alloy.
• The fiber glass separators contain high acid resistancy and low electric conductivity.
• A security valve (response pressure 1 to 6Psi) allows excess gas to escape and stabilizes the optimal inside pressure.
• The ABS leak-proof rechargeable battery case allows application in any position.
• LC-R/RA: expected design life 6 to 9 years
• LC-P: expected design life 10 to 12 years
• LC-X/XD/XB: expected design life 10 to 12 years
• Absolute maintenance-free
• Sealed, leak-resistant structure
• Operates in any position
• Fast charging capacity
• High energy density