юли 20, 2016

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries (Lithium battery) are disposable batteries (primary batteries) that have lithium metal structure. Depending on the compounds used and the design of the chemical composition of a lithium battery, it may reach a voltage of up to approximately 3,7 V.

Lithium batteries find application where long battery life is critical. Lithium batteries are often used in electronic medical devices which are designed to withstand more than 15 years. Lithium batteries are used in the manufacture of toys. In such cases, it is very likely a lithium battery can outlast the device. Lithium battery can be used in portable electronic devices

A lithium battery can be used in place of ordinary alkaline batteries in many devices like watches and cameras. Although they are more expensive, lithium cells provide much longer life of the devices in which they are placed, thereby minimizing battery replacement.

The advantages of batteries containing lithium are as follows:

Low self-discharge, which means that the battery can remain „on the shelf“ or off-drive for years longer than alkaline batteries.
relatively light
Lithium batteries have another important advantage – they hardly lose their capacity at low temperatures: Most of the cells are manufactured so that it can safely operate from – 40 ° to + 60 °.
All these parameters are particularly important when using devices for survival – such as lanterns.
Unlike other battery systems, they have excellent performance.
And although the rules of operation of lithium batteries are different from the rules of operation of alkaline batteries and other batteries, compliance is particularly important because failure can lead to serious consequences.

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