февруари 27, 2013



Valbis Trade Ltd. provides professional installation of all types of industrial batteries, with analysis and recommendations to the exploiter for extending the life of the battery. We have our own specialized equipment and highly qualified specialists whose aim is to achieve maximum satisfaction of our many customers.

Valbis Trade Ltd. provides installation of all electrical equipment and protective systems and backup power. Whether the equipment is purchased Valbis Trade Ltd or have purchased equipment from another source, we will manage and execute its installation, testing and commissioning.

The selection and delivery of the right equipment is crucial, but also can occur many problems with systems for power protection resulting from poor installation. Proper installation is an integral part of the reliability and the successful operation of appliances.

Our expert technicians will work with your staff to ensure seamless installation of the appropriate UPS and the system of spare batteries, comply with the requirements of the site.

Installation services offered by Valbis Trade Ltd include:

  • Transport, storage and delivery (for equipment purchased in Valbis Trade Ltd)
  • Rigging and final installation of all equipment
  • Commissioning and acceptance of the facility to transmit observation protocols test reports and signing the handover protocol
  • After installation service and support

Our plants meet or exceed the IEEE and factory standards.