юли 25, 2016

About us

The company Valbis Trade Ltd was established in 2006.
The pace of development of the company Valbis Trade is seen in the yearly turn over for year 2012, which is three times bigger than the one for 2006, as well as in the employing of new specialists and the implementing of modern and highly advanced equipment.
Our partners and suppliers are some of the most powerful manufacturers of rechargeable batteries in the world – Enersys CSB, GAZ, MHB, EVE and etc.
The high quality the Company offers to its customers, is not only the high quality of the products themselves but also the services, and this quality is evidenced by Certificate ISO 9001:2008.
For us ISO 9001:2008 is not only a document necessary for business but also it means perfectly trained staff, high technologies and equipment, flexibility, the same regard for small and large customers, perfect accounting and documentation, excellent working conditions, effective logistics, social benefits for the employees in the Company.
Our company is among the first, which started actively to participate in the collecting and recycling of unfit and old rechargeable batteries – lean and non-lead, which shows our direct orientation toward solutions of the ecological problems of Bulgaria.
From 01.09.2012 Valbis Trade Ltd moved in a new office and logistic base, which gives more confidence in the future development of the Company in the following five main directions:

  • Industrial rechargeable batteries, Ni-Cd, Pb batteries and servicing
  • VRLA rechargeable batteries for UPS and security systems
  • Portable batteries
  • Servicing of power supply devices (PSD) and large industrial rechargeable batteries
  • Recycling and production of battery packs for power tools, household appliances, cash registers, phones, etc.

An important advantage of our company is the all-encompassing service of the customers in these five directions, which in addition of the delivery of rechargeable batteries, includes also the choice of suitable charger, engineering, test, warranty and post-warranty service, as well as all necessary consultations.

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