юли 25, 2016

Panasonic LC Series 6-9 Years

 3 year warranty

Panasonic offers a comprehensive VRLA battery line-up which includes many different product groups. From batteries with a trickle design life of 6 – 9 years, 10 – 12 years and 15 years, to batteries for cyclic and high drain applications, the series includes solutions for every requirement. Various models are obtainable with flame retardant housing and with different terminals.


Nominal Voltage



Rated Capacity (10Hr) (Ah)

Length (L)mm


(W) mm

Height (H) mm



 LC-R061R3P6 V1.3 Ah9724550.25 PDF
 LC-R063R4P6 V3.4 Ah13434660.6 PDF
 LC-R064R5P6 V4.5 Ah70481080.7 PDF
 LC-R067R2P6 V7.2 Ah151341001.3 PDF
 LC-R0612P6 V12 Ah151501001.95 PDF
 LC-R121R3P12 V1.3 Ah9747.5550.55 PDF
 LC-R122R2P12 V2.2 Ah17734660.8 PDF
 LC-R123R4P12 V3.4 Ah13467661.15 PDF
 LC-R124R5P12 V4.5 Ah70971081.45 PDF
 LC-R127R2P12 V7.2 Ah15164.51002.5 PDF
 LC-RA1212P12 V12 Ah151981003.85 PDF
 LC-RA1215P12 V15 Ah151981004.150 PDF
 UP-V1233P12 V33 Ah195.6130.0180.011.500 PDF
• Positive and negative electrodes made of a lead-tin-calcium alloy.
• The fiber glass separators contain high acid resistancy and low electric conductivity.
• A security valve (response pressure 1 to 6Psi) allows excess gas to escape and stabilizes the optimal inside pressure.
• The ABS leak-proof rechargeable battery case allows application in any position.
• LC-R/RA: expected design life 6 to 9 years
• LC-P: expected design life 10 to 12 years
• LC-X/XD/XB: expected design life 10 to 12 years
• Absolute maintenance-free
• Sealed, leak-resistant structure
• Operates in any position
• Fast charging capacity
• High energy density