юли 20, 2016

Production of battery packs

Акумулаторен пакетThe huge variety of types, models and applications, each battery has its own configuration and specification requires prior discussion with the client, for its knowledge and in consequence correct and working. For us it is important to learn basic things as size of the package, the voltage, capacity and last but not least its application. For example, configurations screwdrivers, cash registers, home phones, RS models, memories, survey instruments and medical equipment are just a small part of that diversity. We insist on quality and professionalism, and to this end carefully refine every process in production, monitor it continuously.

Of our cells mainly of types: A, AA, AAA, C, SC, D, and F of the technology Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh. Each type has its variations in height and spring-loaded terminals for industrial or installation, depending on our current stock. Each cell passes through the test voltage that indicates its status. Depending on the values in the event of a discrepancy, the cells are sorted according to this criterion. So in every package they have their approximately equal internal resistance, which affects the battery life. One of the biggest mistakes that allowed is the replacement of part of the package and the combination of old and new cells. The effect is negligible and consequently the life of the repaired cells is reduced and the customer ultimately ordered construction of a new battery, paying almost double the price.

акумулаторни пакетиAnother significant factor in the production of the battery is the so-called „spot welding“. This technology of connecting elements is vital for them because in this way they do not overheat and does not violate the structure and chemical properties. This is the safest method of connection that guarantees quality.

Some models batteries cabled and their findings put connector. Others are placed in boxes. Third insulate with shrink film. In some medical and geodetic instruments battery required to be pressurized.
Test of each battery is the final stage of production where quality is established and demonstrated the capacity of the battery. Performed with specialized testers who make cyclic functions of charge and discharge. Thus, in real terms, not simulated output capacity of the battery pack.

In many cases the battery life is shortened due to misuse or improper charger. Often the problem is not in the battery and the charger. Therefore we recommend to make a preliminary test to prove the capacity.
Our six-month warranty allows customers to convince himself as offer high level of professionalism and mostly good work.

Types of configurations of battery packs

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